I  Prasanta Nandi. Traveller. Breathtaking Views, Local Flavors, and Cozy Comfort: A Budget Traveler’s Dream Traveling often involves a dilemma: splurge on a luxurious hotel or opt for a more budget-friendly option. But for some, like travel enthusiast my choice is clear – homestays offer an irreplaceable experience beyond just accommodation. Recently, I embarked on a road trip to Kalimpong, a charming hill station nestled in the Himalayas, and shared their favorite homestays, each offering breathtaking views, local hospitality, and a cozy atmosphere. Lungchu Skyline Retreat takes the top spot on my list. The focus here shifts to the “cozy” factor, with a description that emphasizes the warmth and comfort of the space. My hints at this aspect, mentioning the “personal touch” that comes with staying with people from the region. The Kalimpong homestay experience, as described by Prasanta, goes beyond ticking off tourist attractions.

    For travellers mindful of their budgets, Lungchu emerges as a haven. At the Lungchu Skyline Retreat, a night’s accommodation for four people comes at a reasonable rate of 1400 rupees per person, inclusive of meals and afternoon snacks. Here, lavish dining is replaced by the comforting embrace of traditional Indian cuisine, enhanced with local flavors derived from fresh, indigenous ingredients. Delight in unhurried meals within our cozy dining area, where conversations flow freely beneath the vast expanse of the starlit sky.

    Escape the conventional tourist hubs and delve into a unique experience at the Skyline Retreat Lungchu homestay. Wander through the village’s tidy streets, adorned with vibrant charcoal art adorning traditional Rai dwellings.  As evening sets in with a fiery display of colors, gather around a crackling bonfire, indulging in barbecue delights beneath the glittering tapestry of stars. Spend quality time on our homestay’s lawn, savouring coffee and snacks sourced from our kitchen.

    Lungchu transcends the realm of a mere homestay; it serves as a portal to undiscovered treasures. From the mesmerizing allure of Changey Falls to the serene ambience of Lava Monastery, adventure awaits at every turn. Explore the quaint village of Rishop nestled alongside the Teesta River, or marvel at the panoramic vistas from Delo Park.

    Lungchu beckons all seekers of solace and renewal, whether travelling alone or with family. Embrace everlasting memories in this offbeat locale, accessible throughout the year, even during the monsoon season, when Lungchu’s verdant landscapes come alive. However, for the clearest skies and unobstructed views of Kanchenjunga, autumn through summer offers the optimal time to visit.

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