We all need a peaceful space to unwind and recharge after life’s daily stresses. Creating your own personal sanctuary – a tranquil spot designed just for you – can help provide that escape. Here is how to craft the ideal relaxation nook.

    Choose the Right Space

    The first step is selecting the perfect spot for your personal sanctuary. It could be a separate room if you have one available, or simply a quiet corner of a larger space. Somewhere you can close off from distractions and outside noise. Walk around your home and notice areas that feel especially calm and serene. A spot with good natural light and a view of greenery or the outdoors is ideal if possible.

    Make It Comfy 

    Once you have picked your sanctuary location, spend some time making it supremely comfortable and cozy. Soft textiles like plush rugs, blankets, and pillows instantly bring a warm, inviting feel. Good lighting is key too – think soft lamps or even candles rather than harsh overheads. You may also want to include seating like a recliner, chaise lounge or floor cushion. Adding a small side table can give you a handy spot for essentials like a water carafe or notebook.

    Decorate with Intention

    Take some time curating the decor for your personal oasis. Incorporate elements from nature, like potted plants, fresh flowers, woven baskets, wood accents, rocks, or sand. Use colors and scents that relax you, whether that is light blues and greens or warm earth tones. Include inspirational art or imagery that cultivates a sense of peace and positivity. Having these mindful touches will make it feel extra special and personalized to you. Try hanging tapestries or curtains to create a cozy, cocoon-like vibe.

    Limit Distractions  

    To truly make your sanctuary a stress-free zone, you will want to limit potential distractions and overstimulation. That may mean having a “no tech” rule where you do not allow phones, computers, or TV. Or just setting aside certain times to make your sanctuary digitally disconnected. Avoid clutter as well by making sure there are no work materials or other stressors laying around. Use storage baskets or ottomans to stow away any visible reminders of responsibilities.

    Make It Multi-Sensory

    The people at Maloca Sound say that creating a multi-sensory experience can be incredibly restorative and grounding. Bring in elements like soothing music, sound baths recordings or nature soundscapes playing softly in the background. Use a diffuser with calming essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus. Keep your favorite herbal tea bags or warm beverage station nearby. You could even invest in a small tabletop fountain for the gentle sound of trickling water. Basically anything that engages your five senses in a relaxing way.

    Incorporate Mindfulness Practices

    Your personal sanctuary can become an oasis for mindful activities like meditation, journaling, gentle yoga or breathwork. Keep any supplies needed for these practices neatly tucked in your space so you can easily engage with them. Reading inspirational or thought-provoking books here can also be a great way to reflect. Consider setting up a small altar with personal mementos or objects that inspire you. Chimes, singing bowls or a Tibetan bell could add an extra sense of ceremony.


    Most importantly, craft your personal sanctuary around what soothes and inspires you specifically. Incorporate nostalgic childhood treasures or photos of loved ones. Let your space be an ever-evolving expression of what brings you joy and respite. Schedule regular times to simply be present in your sanctuary, even if just for 10-15 minutes daily. With some care and customization, it can become your ultimate port of peace.

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